2021 Resolution ideas? Here’s one: Angel investment in Latin America

By Juan D. Trujillo. Board member at SV Links


If you’ve considered investing in startups or if you are a Latin American working in Silicon Valley, I encourage you to read this article where I share what I’ve learned doing angel investment since 2016. We have a unique opportunity to strengthen the Latin American ecosystem through capital, mentorship, and connections.


Without knowing it, I started my career in startups, back in 2003. I joined Conexcol as a Software Engineer, the first Colombian search engine founded in ’98 by David Velásquez, one of the first Latin Americans to receive funding from Silicon Valley. Since then, this place was on my mind and I wanted to experience it, which brought me to work here in 2011. Later in 2016, Miguel Casillas asked me: “Why don’t you invest in startups?”, so I learned the basics and decided to try it out.

I’ve had the privilege of investing in 8 great startups. I figured the end of 2020 is a good moment to share this story because the next months require a “Silicon Valley mindset”: those who can, need to step in, invest, and accelerate a new generation of entrepreneurs to create jobs and impact society positively.

Happy new year!

Here the link.