Nothing happens.

Nothing happens.

In 2012 we had our first program aimed at 15 people with a certain investment capacity and with the opening to know the new world of investing in startups, entrepreneurs of technology companies. The profile of those who attended are people who normally invest part of their surplus capital in houses, apartments and businesses of that style. Only 4 of the group had experience of investing in startups.

From the results of that trip to date we can say the following:

A Peruvian and a Mexican from the group (a server) invested in a young entrepreneur, founder of Loki Studios . Result: A modest and fast return, an invaluable experience for the next investments and the opportunity to continue investing in a proven and experienced entrepreneur.

A Brazilian and an Argentine from the group, although they are normally rivals in soccer, teamed up to invest in Zozi.com a company that organizes excursions and outdoor experiences. On July 1, 2015 announced that Richard Branson invested 30 Million dollars in Zozi. Result: The initial investment of the Argentine and the Brazilian has multiplied several times, which they will be able to make liquid once the company has an exit via sale or IPO.

The Chilean of the group, which manages a fund in his country, invested in a Spanish entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley who runs the company inbenta.com , which developed a semantic search engine with the use of artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of companies’ help centers. In two different rounds, the Chilean together with his investment group in Chile invested several million dollars. Result: This progress in the investment rounds means that the company inbenta is increasing its valuation considerably and gaining market recognition. When the time comes to exit investors will earn a substantial return.

The rest of the group, although there was no investment outcome directly in Silicon Valley companies, two of them started funds for entrepreneurs in Mexico, another started a startup accelerator in Peru, two more (1 Mexican and 1 Argentine) came to live to Silicon Valley to expand their local businesses.

If they had not come, nothing happens.