They connect 5 countries in the Open March 2019.


About 20 participants from countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru attended the SV Links Open March Program in San José California.

During the program they had the opportunity to talk with people from different startups such as Lisa Dolev from Qylur, Sung Hae Kim from Wizeline, Victor Chapela from Suggestic, Mario Corona and Bryan Hoadley from Land on Earth, Alvaro Ramirez from eHarvestHub, Jordi Torras from Inbenta, Felipe Chavez from Kiwi Campus, David Trujillo from Google and our CEO Miguel Casillas from SV Links, among others.

Likewise, they participated in the talks to get to know Silicon Valley in depth, such as the session with Deborah Perry Piscione, Silicon Valley Culture and Ecosystem, Jonathon Angell, Structuring the Deal and Valuation or Michelle Messina, Decoding Silicon Valley.

All the journeys were made in the company’s fleet of Tesla automobiles and it was used to network and learn about the multicultural gastronomy of the region.

“Thank you very much to the SV Links team for everything. It is a unique experience, I hope that more people can take advantage of it ”Samuel Galaviz, commented one of the attendees.

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