Genobank.io by Daniel Uribe wins at TalentLand.

Last April, Talent Land was held in Guadalajara, better known as the Mexican Silicon Valley for its drive for technological innovation in recent years. Talent Land is the largest startup event in Mexico.


They came from near and far to learn about the latest technologies. Among them, the Genobank.io project was presented, which was born in Silicon Valley as a consequence of a personal and family experience of Daniel Uribe.

Genobank.io is a startup that promotes the privacy and control of genomic data with only a saliva sample to extract DNA samples. By using this service, the information of each user is stored in a distributed way and is protected with Blockchain in encrypted wallets . New genomic sequencing technologies, both for humans, animals and plants, allow the early detection and treatment of breast cancer, improvements in metabolism and personalized medicine for maximum precision in each patient, among other benefits.

Among the Talent Land participants, Daniel Uribe, an IPADE MBA graduate, former SV Links participant and co-founder of Genobank.io stands out.

Daniel was nominated to compete in the Millennium Talent Awards Blockchain Award category and was the winner. He told us about his experience as an entrepreneur and about the SV Links immersion program:

“I am very grateful to Miguel Casillas, Vanessa Robleswelch, Elena Karabanova, Jorge Barrios and the entire SV Links team; Well, it was during the immersion program in 2014 that I met the Singularity University executive program, there I learned about Blockchain and Bitcoin; I met Marco Montes de Saldo.mx and began my professional development in the fascinating world of data decentralization. Today, 4 years later, Grupo Milenio and the organizers of the Talent Land have honored us by awarding us the 1st Prize in the Blockchain Land category; the “Blockchain Award 2019″ for our Genobank.io project for the care of privacy and parental authority of people’s genomic data. ”

On behalf of the SV Links team, we offer a warm congratulations to Daniel Uribe for this great achievement in his professional career. We are proud to meet and have collaborated with Daniel in our Immersion Programs. We would love to repeat these stories like Daniel’s that re-ignite his entrepreneurial spirit as a result of participating in our programs with a more global mentality and vision that makes it easier to exponentiate current businesses.

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