Engaging Latin minorities in Silicon Valley.

SV Links is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to educate emerging countries’ business communities by bringing them together and connecting them with professional networks and communities in Silicon Valley. Since 2009, we have been organizing week-long Silicon Valley business culture immersion programs, where participants meet executives, startups and investors and immerse themselves in the world-class Silicon Valley business culture.



Along with the rest of the world, SV Links has been terribly impacted by COVID-19. And since we are unable to run our in-person immersion programs, we are offering online workshops on Silicon Valley businesses and entrepreneurship to our community, free of charge in order to keep our network growing.

We hope that you will please take a moment to make a donation to SV Links to support our mission. We are in dire need of your help to make it possible for SV Links to thrive and keep our employees, develop valuable resources for our community, and continue to serve as a leader in connecting emerging countries’ business leaders and future entrepreneurs with Silicon Valley.

SV Links has worked with entrepreneurial communities in 21 countries and we have proved, time and time again, that when cultures are shared and transferred across geographic lines, lives change. To date, SV Links has made the following possible through our participants and their businesses:

  • 2,500 new jobs created in Latin America
  • 100 new jobs in the USA
  • $30 million invested into Silicon Valley startups
  • Around 30 families from Latin America moved to the US to launch and develop businesses

We are grateful to our community and look forward to spending time together in person soon.

Our Story

Upon arriving in Silicon Valley for the first time in 2006, we immediately realized that this region is the epitome of the melting pot, but Latin America was absent from its core. The welcoming capital of innovation, belonged to key players from China, India along with Europe and an array of other countries – except for Latin America, unless we were counting the construction, janitorial, transportation and landscaping services. It clutched at our hearts and bicultural pride that Mexico, the U.S.’s next-door neighbor wasn’t rising above and taking full advantage of Silicon Valley opportunities. The Latin American continent is composed of a number of developing countries with top industrial experience, skilled manpower and highly educated citizens. The United States and Silicon Valley were not yet seeing these parts of our roots, so SV Links was born to change this. It was born to expose the advancement of Latin America and help make the opportunity gaps smaller.

There are many compelling examples of what Silicon Valley can achieve, as well as transform and help guide. A migrant’s son became a serial entrepreneur after Google went public and was fortunately caught in the middle of their IPO. He and his brother branched off and dove into a new startup endeavor, which they sold, and finally built an exemplary global product development company that has transcended continental borders.

This entrepreneur’s beginnings were humble yet perseverant. His father didn’t have more than an elementary school certificate and still both of his children grew up to become key players in Silicon Valley’s tech innovation arena. They beat all the odds. Both brothers attended Stanford University and joined Google in its early days, only to later become colossally successful entrepreneurs. Today, aside from their U.S. offices and Headquarters in San Francisco, they have opened new offices in Vietnam, Mexico, Spain, Australia and Thailand.

If this father, with so little formal education was able to contribute to the United States economy in such an extraordinary way, imagine what can be achieved with more formally educated people looking for opportunities here?

We hope that you will consider donating to our non-profit in order for our organization to maintain business operations. Through SV Links immersion programs, we target the more formally educated or people with ample financial capacity of Latin America in order to have them discover Silicon Valley. We have served more than 3,000 entrepreneurs and experienced business people from all corners of LATAM. Our participants have contributed to the U.S. economy with more than $10 million USD by purchasing our program, booking airfare, hotel stays and transportation. But most importantly – SV Links has changed mindsets to take on bigger risks. Participants have stepped out of their comfort zones and invested more than $20 million USD in Silicon Valley startups, generating more jobs and taxes in the area in hopes to one day replicate these models in their countries of origin. Almost 30 of those 3,000 participants, along with their families, have put down roots in Silicon Valley to start their businesses inspired during their immersion to Silicon Valley with us, and for every participant that partakes in an SV Links immersion program, 0.92 jobs are created.

We provide content that encourages our participants to think big and out of the box, beyond their accustomed local views in their countries of origin. They learn the role of innovation upscaling traditional businesses, the role of investors in pushing innovation and how it will eventually lead to an extensive and positive impact in their local economies.

Another point worth highlighting is that SV Links benefits can ultimately change undocumented immigration patterns. Especially because investors have and build opportunities on their financial capacity to create and maintain jobs south of the border – ultimately bringing migration numbers based on financial need down. Latin investors will be able to bring fresh new ideas home and reproduce their Silicon Valley experiences. Our different Immersion Programs, such as the Executive, Family Office and Parent & Child, will likely help minimize migration numbers, localize wealth and create opportunities of technology and startup expansion.

The lack of involvement from Latin American professionals and business leaders in Silicon Valley is shameful given the geographic proximity, the cultural similarities and the persistent whim to make “The American Dream” a reality. We’ve learned that these barriers are due mainly to cultural barriers, language and limited connections here. SV Links is working to resolve just that. The misperception of Latin America by Silicon Valley-ers can be transformed into something Silicon Valley could benefit from – the untapped new sources of capital, talent and opportunities are limitless.

The impact of our immersion programs has reflected in the increased participation of Latin American entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders in the innovation capital. When we expose our participants to the ambitious thinking of Silicon Valley leaders, our participants change their mindset, reignite their entrepreneurial spirit, and return re-energized to their home countries to invest, innovate or undertake new projects with broader thinking.

Our goal is to interconnect Latin America and Silicon Valley. The costs of our programs are a fraction of those of our competitors because it is important to increase the number of our audience and grow our community. The funds that are raised at SV Links are reinvested to keep our programs running, design new programs, translate material, books and videos to Spanish and provide scholarships to outstanding students and entrepreneurs for the opportunity to come to Silicon Valley and deploy their potential.