The light at the end of the tunnel?

The light at the end of the tunnel?

Great news, the announcement of Pfizer having achieved 90% effectiveness in the vaccine against Covid 19 as well as the great news that the application of the same can begin within a period of 3 weeks.

Given this positive scenario in the months to come, we are already preparing the first SV Links programs to be physically developed in Silicon Valley. There are several industrial groups, company managers and professionals who are waiting for the total opening of activities in Silicon Valley and to be able to obtain that breath of fresh air that innovation in this place produces.

We do not want to stop showing solidarity and accompanying all the participants in our professional network who have lost a loved one, or have lost their business or their financial and even emotional stability, in their pain. We have also suffered all this within our small organization but we hope that we will soon return with more vigor than ever to the new reality.

But there is still more to contribute. According to the latest report from the NVCA (National Venture Capital Association), investments from the second to the third quarter of this year only fell less than 1% in general, and in certain verticals they even increased. We also realized that wealthy families in Latin America have part of that wealth in large venture capital funds in Silicon Valley in addition to the investments they make directly.

This invites us to redouble our efforts to disseminate and spread to the business and entrepreneurial community of our region that there is enough capital, even money to spare for new, disruptive and innovative projects, you just have to prepare to access it, understand the presentation protocols , have clarity on the business model, know how to develop a pitch and design the capital raising strategy. We will offer all this for the first time in a program that begins at the end of November 30. I hope you can share this information with those who can benefit from the content of this program.

In this way we want to contribute to continue developing our economies and see the light very soon at the end of the tunnel.


Fuente de información: https://www.haystack.tv/v/pfizer-vaccine-candidate-showing-promise-research-maryland