Parents and children in Silicon Valley.

Parents and children in Silicon Valley.

Last week we were fortunate to have an outstanding group of business parents from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico along with their senior high school children from Colegio Liceo del Valle .

This format allows adults and children to be integrated into an educational, fun environment in which each discovers and learns from the other’s reactions. Two worlds so distant and different, that of parents and children, meet and witness the potential of sharing ideas, hard work, helping others, understanding that mistakes are one more step than approaches to success and above all to open our eyes to a new and unknown world whose riches are “easily” adaptable to their own culture and thus favorably change the lives of thousands of people.

 Thanks to HPE and the City of Palo Alto for allowing us to enter the place where & quot; Silicon Valley & quot; originated Thanks to HPE and the City of Palo Alto for allowing us to enter the place where “Silicon Valley” originated [/ caption]

One of the parents at the closing dinner, a successful businessman and one who is building solid bridges that connect Mexico with Silicon Valley, told the young people: “If you live in the Mexican Silicon Valley, you will it corresponds to be Elon Musk “ challenging the boys to give all their effort to put into practice everything they learned during these 4 days.

The greats were able to see the professional world that their children are going to face and the challenges and competitors that will be on their way.

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1) “It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what family you come from, success can start from scratch.”

5) “I was surprised by how easy it is to think big and how simple people are”.

6) “I learned that here the government does not have much to do with it but that it is people, investors who help each other and that I must work much harder for my project and be patient, because it takes more time than I expected.” / strong>

7) “I could not imagine what I found, the way business is done here is very different from what we see in Mexico. I understood that failure is learning”.

9) “The truth was I didn’t feel like coming. I learned that if you don’t work 100 hours or more and settle for the minimum, we will never succeed, it’s all about trying.”

Thank you moms. Next time we hope you come.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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