Dear moms.


Dear moms,

We want to share this video itself, which is a tribute and recognition to you in your day. You deserve all the honor and respect for taking on the most arduous, noble and valuable work of all, being a Mother.

At SV Links they are a very special part and source of our inspiration. As you will have heard it when you came to Silicon Valley or will hear it soon when you come; millions of cases such as our collaborators José or Carmela, who have not been able to see their mother for decades due to their immigration status and lack of resources. His dream is to be able to bring his mother and meet her again. Our dream is that the businessmen and women of the countries where we work expand their businesses and their vision so that a Mother like José or Carmela’s does not have to part with her children in that way by not finding opportunities in their own environment.

You moms, without having an instruction manual offered us and offer everything you can and more. They did the task of instilling values ​​and principles in us despite dividing their limited time between work, home and the rest of the family, sometimes putting their own goals and dreams in the background. That is why today and every day we honor and thank you. If the children of this community prepare with a broader and healthily ambitious vision, in the near future it will also help that many Mothers do not separate indefinitely from their children thanks to the opportunities that those of us who are fortunate enough to have more resources and education create. .

We have decided at SV Links to do everything possible to help people like José and Carmela to be reunited with their mother year after year. Either with advice, letters and documents for the immigration authorities as well as with the resources so that their mothers can fly to Silicon Valley to see their children.

Happy mothers day!

We make special mention of our former collaborator, Vanessa Robles-Welch, who after eight years with SV Links made the decision to put her professional activity on hold to dedicate herself 100% to the work of being a mother. All the success for her and her family. We admire and miss you, Vanessa.