Online sessions.

Online sessions.

In this new season of sessions we have the presence of 3 world-class speakers. Members of the YPO, investors of the largest funds in the United States and Doctors from Stanford Hospital and Dubai to talk about the future in Education and Medicine.


This Wednesday, September 23, we began with José Miguel Ramos, CEO of Envelp Ventures, with the topic “Silicon Valley Mindset” to tell us about his personal experience of realizing that Silicon Valley was not only a place, but a mentality that blew his mind. head.



In the second talk that took place last Wednesday, September 30, Sergio Monsalve, Investor and Partner at Norwest Ventures, spoke to us about the “Future of Education”. Sergio is a member of the board of the company Udemy, an education platform that has 50 million students, 57,000 teachers covering courses in 65 languages. Sergio has an MBA from Harvard University and is a visiting professor at Stanford University.



Finally, this Wednesday, October 7, we closed from Dubai, with Homero Rivas, Professor at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine, with the theme “Innovation in Health and the Future of Medicine” promising new ways to prevent, diagnose and monitor the problems of Health.